Short Term Loans Online To Meet Emergency Expenses

Emergency situations such as late bill payment can lead to heavy penalties, service disconnection, further expenses, and a lower credit score. If your savings cannot resolve the crisis, possible alternatives to look for are online short term loans, cash advances, installment loans or personal loans. Lenders on small short-term loans don’t require borrowers to have a good credit history, because their stability is the most important approval factor. Many people consider online short-term loans to be the best source of urgent money. With DirectLoansLenders everyone can get extra cash fast!

Short Term Cash Loans Available at DirectLoansLenders

A short-term loan is a loan from $100 to $5,000, for a term ranging from 2 weeks to one year, that doen’t require collateral and are available to people with poor credit. Main types and features of short term cash loans are available below.

Fees per $100Loan
7 – 30 daysFast, convenient, expensive loans that must be paid back in full including fees within 14-30 days. Loans can sometimes be renewed or extended for a high fee, although this feature is not available in some states, as each state has its own restrictions!$15 – $30$100

2 to 12 monthsInstallment loans allow borrowers to get larger amount for a longer period with fixed monthly payments. Applicants may save money on fees and interest, if they repay the loan earlier. Loan extension is usually not available.$15 – $99$1,000


*Approval is not guaranteed! Some borrowers may not be approved for any loan or in the amounts mentioned above.

Short-Term Loans Online Requirements And Application Process

Before applicants request a short-term loan online they have to meet some basic requirements:

The application process is stepped and simple.

Step 1. Borrowers start by submitting a loan request at DirectLoansLenders.

Step 2. One of the direct lenders makes an instant loan offer.

Step 3. The applicant reviews the terms and conditions, rates, fees, repayment plan, and signs the contract.

Step 4. Lender then makes a direct deposit to the borrower’s bank account. The money transfer may take one business day.

Responsible Use Of Online Short-Term Loans

At DirectLoansLenders all consumers have a chance to reject a loan offer at no cost. The loan document is binding only after applicant signs it. We suggest borrowers evaluate their financial situation to ensure the ability to repay the loan on time. Our rule of thumb: can’t repay or don’t understand the contract – don’t borrow! Defaulting on short-term loans may lead to debt collections and penalty charges.

Short Term Loans FAQ

Q:Can a retired person get a short-term loan?

A:Yes, a retired person can apply for a short term cash advance loans if he or she has a stable source of income. Direct lenders accept social security, pensions, salary and other legal income.

Q: Do borrowers need to fax any documents to the lenders?

A: DirectLoansLenders requires no faxing! However, lenders may ask to fax or to email extra documents needed to approve the loan request.

Q: Where can I get short term loans near me?

A: DirectLoansLenders is always one step closer to borrower that any brick-mortar loan store. Apply online now!

Q: Can borrowers refinance a short-term loan?

A: Usually, lenders will refinance debt by offering a new loan, but each direct lender has the right to establish its own rules, within the legal framework available.

Why DirectLoansLenders Is Better?

We provide a free platform for easy access to short term online loans. Direct lenders in our network offer cash loans with no hidden fees, the fastest approval and funding time in the industry! We work hard to ensure that all loan requests are processed in less than one hour. We conduct our business online with no lengthy paperwork, faxing, scanning, lines and lunch breaks! Other benefits include, but are not limited to: extensive information about responsible borrowing, examples of Rates and Fees, great customer service and support, licensed and state regulated lenders, top-notch safety and security for our borrowers.