Well-educated young people are the future of humanity and we hope they will make the world a better place, provided they have the necessary knowledge to do so. DirectLoansLenders advocates for quality education and understands that good education costs money. In fact, education costs are one of the most commonly cited reasons for taking a loan.

Education is important throughout one’s entire life. It starts with a good school, a good college, and we also continuously learn all through life. People find themselves learning constantly. For example, we strive to teach our customers about responsible borrowing and healthy financial habits.

Now, DirectLoansLenders is taking things to a new level and will continue to provide scholarships to help cover educational costs of select students. We hope our scholarship will play a major role in making the world a better place…

The Prize

Once a year, DirectLoansLenders will offer a $500 Scholarship, which will be used to cover education-related costs.

The Application

Applicants are asked to submit a written work on one of the following topics:


Who Can Apply?

The applicants must be:


All applications should be submitted by June 30 for the Contest. The winner will be announced on July 15th.


The works will be read and judged by a committee of three persons from DirectLoansLenders. The judges will download the received applications after the deadline for submission has passed, in order to exclude early judgment.

Criteria for choosing the finalists

The works will be judged based on the following criteria:

Choosing the Winner

After having selected one winner, based on the above criteria, DirectLoansLenders will announce the winner on this website. When the winner is selected, we will contact them via email, in compliance with the Terms and Conditions mentioned below.

Our Hall of Winners We Are Proud Of

Summer 2020 Scholarship winner:

Angela Shelton from Purdue University.

Winter 2019 Scholarship winner:

Justin M. Anderson from Macalester College.

Summer 2019 Scholarship winner:

Dan Naqui from The University of Miami.

Winter 2018 Scholarship winner:

Jessica Perez from Shepherd University.

Summer 2018 Scholarship winner:

Tracy Martinez from Columbus State University.

Winter 2017 Scholarship winner:

Dineh Vidal from Texas Southern University.

Summer 2017 Scholarship winner:

Stanley Reeves from the University of Arizona.

Summer 2016 Scholarship winner:

Daniel Jacobs from Washington State University.

DirectLoansLenders Scholarship Terms and Conditions

This section outlines the Terms and Conditions for the DirectLoansLenders Scholarship administered by The DirectLoansLenders Scholarship will be referred to as ‘scholarship’ herein.

Please read these Terms and Conditions in their entirety before you accept our scholarship offer. Once you accept our scholarship it will be considered that you have agreed and accepted these Terms and Conditions and are compliant to the requirements and conditions of our scholarship.

By submitting an application for our scholarship, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

We wish everyone luck and are looking forward to receiving your applications!