We all need a little bit of help from time to time. No one can plan urgent medical bills, a car repair or accident, damage to a house or other unplanned expenses. For those who need emergency funds to make ends meet – quick cash loans may work. However, it’s important to know what a cash loan is before taking one. Let’s take a closer look.

What are Quick Cash Loans?

Cash loans are a fast, short-term, high-cost loan for as much as $1,000. Borrowers are paying back the loan in full plus interest and fees on their next payday. Quick cash loans applicants are people who need money fast, but don’t have access to a credit card’s cash advance feature or traditional bank loans.

How Much Does a Quick Cash Loan Cost?

While terms vary, one constant feature of a quick cash loan is its high fees. These fees range from $10 to $30 for every $100 borrowed. This means the borrower pays between $50 and $150 for every $500 loan they take. That comes to more than 400% APR on a typical two-week loan with a term of $15 for every $100 taken. By comparison, credit card companies charge between 12% and 50%.

What is the Legal Status of Fast Cash Loans?

Currently, fast cash loans are legal in 32 of 50 states. The laws in 15 states protect the borrowers by limiting the fees, loan amount, and capping APR. The cash lenders working online are subject to the laws in which the borrower is getting loans. The standard quick cash loan term is two to four weeks. Loan renewal is not available in all states. Borrowers from the states where fast cash loans are prohibited should consider other types of online loans like installment loans or personal loans.

How Do I Apply for Quick Cash Loans Online?

Applying for a cash loan through our website is easy. First, complete our secure application form. Once we receive the request, one of our lenders will make an instant loan offer.Borrowers then have to read, sign and wait for final approval. The money will be deposited into their designated bank account in one business day, with some applicants qualifying for same day funding!

The requirements for cash loans are very basic: borrower must be 18 or older, have a verifiable source of income, have an active bank account and be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. DirectLoansLenders accepts applicants with good credit or bad credit.

How DirectLoansLenders Can Help?

DirectLoansLenders helps borrowers find the right cash lenders with affordable and flexible terms and conditions. We are a trusted online service helping our customers meet their short-term financial needs. As many as 98% of our clients may recommend us to family and friends as a legit and reliable service!