Kenneth Bennett

Kenneth Bennett DLL Green Finance Founder

DLL Green Finance Founder and Professional Financial Expert

Kenneth Bennett, founder, and CEO of payday loan company DLL Green Finance has made a career of sharing his financial tips and economic advice.

For Kenneth, the path to becoming a professional financial expert led him to the University of Missouri – Columbia, where he earned a degree in investment management. He then went on to gain over a decade’s worth of experience working in finance-related jobs. His work experiences exposed to him to various financial fields, including banking, small business, economic development, and financial literacy.

After working in the loan industry for 13 years, Kenneth decided to establish DLL Green Finance, a service that specializes in helping borrowers connect with reliable lenders. The business also promotes financial literacy through its blog and FAQ page. And, as a professional writer with experience in handling all sorts of loans, Kenneth is regularly able to contribute his writings to the blog.

Currently, Kenneth lives in Wyoming with his family. Despite his career as a financial guru, for Kenneth, money isn’t everything. When he’s not busy sharing nuggets of wisdom to those who need them, he spends his time hiking, cycling, and playing football. He also enjoys gardening, tennis, and backpacking. A self-proclaimed Hobit@Heart, he’s an avid fan J.R.R. Tolkien’s work.

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