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Are Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval Risky?

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The term “guaranteed approval loans” is used in most ads on the Internet. Each website has its own perception of this concept. Some guarantee loan approvals, guarantee no credit checks and others guaranteed fast decision for a loan request. But how real is that?

The only thing a personal loan lenders can truly guarantee is a quick response to a loan request. This is what everybody should mean by guaranteed personal loans.

Why Do People Need Guaranteed Approval Loans For Bad Credit?

Guaranteed Approval Loans

When advertising guaranteed loans, online services focus on promising the borrower the money he or she needs. People fall for these ads and desperately give their personal details. To get the money without difficulty, applicants should focus on the following things:

1. The direct lender offer an instant response and not instant cash.

2. The lending company doesn’t advertise no credit check loans and perform soft pull credit check.

3. The lender offers a transparent loan application process.

4. The lending business has a license in the state where the borrower applies for a loan.

What Types Of Loans Can One Get Instead Of Guaranteed Approval Loans?

DirectLoansLenders offers personal loans, installment loans, bad credit loans, payday loans or cash advance loans. These loans are unsecured loans but differ with rates, fees and repayment period.

When Do People Look For Guaranteed Loans?

A person might need to take such a loan when they have a bad credit history or no credit history at all. Usually, such borrowers are declined for traditional loans from banks or credit unions. They often face urgent bills, emergency expenses or unplanned purchases that can’t wait several weeks for approval. If an individual has no other means for getting extra cash from friends, family or colleagues, such guaranteed loans can be an option to consider.

When Is Borrowing Money Not A Good Idea?

There are cases when no one should take a loan. Borrowing for luxury items, like the latest model cell phone or other things that are not urgent, is a bad idea. Taking out loans for the wrong reasons is a sign of irresponsible borrowing and borrowers should have a justified reason for borrowing money. Also, all borrowers must check their ability to repay the loan before they borrow!

Good Or Bad Credit For Guaranteed Loans?

Many people wonder if they need good credit for getting online loans. Direct lenders don’t usually focus on a good credit score. They perform a soft pull credit check to find out more about the borrower’s financial profile. This type of credit check will not hurt the FICO credit score, so borrowers with bad credit score can apply safely and can be approved for a loan they need!

How to protect from scams?

Predatory lending is typical in the money world. To minimize the risk of being a victim of predatory lending, borrowers should avoid online websites claiming:

Guaranteed approval loans

Loans without credit check

Instant or immediate cash

The best loans on the market

Applying For A Loan With Guaranteed Loan Decision

The loan application process is easy at DirectLoansLenders. Borrowers can fill out the online application from home or office. When applying for a loan, the following information is necessary: Name, email, phone number, ID or driving license, checking bank account number and income details. A lender may ask for extra information if the application form has been filled-in incompletely, so we advise filling in the form carefully and answering all questions. Once the loan request is approved, the borrowers receive the money within one business day through a bank transfer.

Personal Loans With Fast Approval

All credit types are accepted, including bad credit, and loan requests can be approved in minutes with no hard credit check! Get funds directly to your bank account and use them for any purpose!

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