DirectLoansLenders does its best to work only with legitimate direct lenders. Despite that, it is our goal to educate our clients about taking online loans safely. We also teach consumers how to react if a lender acts illegally.

What does illegal activity mean?

Predatory lending is a phenomenon we actively fight. If you believe that you might be a victim of this kind of activity, please read our article on predatory lending. It will teach you how to spot out predatory lenders and how to protect yourself from them.

Submit a complaint

You may submit a complaint if you feel that:

Protect yourself

The best protection starts with knowledge. Responsible lending and borrowing are the two main components of a good loan experience. Find out how to be a responsible borrower and what a responsible lender should act like.

Know the figures

Before asking for a loan, read about interest rates and repayment terms. Decide which loan suits you and what amount you can afford to pay back, based on your knowledge of all the details.

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