Top Cheap and Friendly April Fools Day Pranks

Top Cheap and Friendly April Fools Day Pranks

April Fools Day is a time to embrace your nature and amuse your loved ones with light hearted pranks. Remember there’s no need to spend a fortune or upset anyone. Let’s discover some fun pranks that will have everyone laughing and in spirits.

Toothpaste Oreos


  • Oreo cookies
  • White toothpaste (make sure it’s safe to ingest)

Swap the cream filling of Oreo cookies with white toothpaste, making them look just like the original. Offer these “special” cookies to your unsuspecting friends and watch their reactions when they take a bite.

Balloon Avalanche


  • A large garbage bag
  • Balloons
  • A room or doorway

This prank is as easy as it is fun. Simply fill a garbage bag with balloons and tape it to a slightly opened door or a hallway entrance. When your target opens the door, they’ll be greeted with a cascade of balloons, creating a lighthearted surprise.

The Classic Fake Bug


  • Plastic bug or spider
  • Double-sided tape

Attach a realistic-looking plastic bug or spider to the bottom of a computer mouse, a lampshade, or inside a drawer. When your victim discovers the creepy crawler, you’re guaranteed a good laugh.

Auto-Correct Shenanigans

If your friends or family members leave their smartphones unattended, seize the opportunity to mess with their auto-correct settings. Change commonly used words to something absurd and await their confusion when sending messages.

The “Broken” Remote Control


  • A piece of opaque tape
  • TV remote control

Cover the remote control’s sensor with a small piece of opaque tape. Your victim will wonder why the remote suddenly stopped working. When you “fix” it by removing the tape, they’ll be baffled, making for a humorous reveal.

The Endless Cup of Water


  • A clear plastic cup
  • A drinking straw

Place a drinking straw inside a clear plastic cup, and then fill the cup with water until it’s nearly full. Gently balance the cup on a table or desk, with the straw slightly hanging over the edge. When your victim attempts to pick up the cup by the straw, they’ll be in for a watery surprise.

“Broken” Soap


  • A bar of soap
  • Clear nail polish

Paint the entire bar of soap with clear nail polish and let it dry. When someone tries to use it, they’ll be baffled by the soap’s lack of lather. A simple rinse under water will reveal the trick.

Upside-Down Computer Screen

If your target leaves their computer unattended, press “Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow” to flip their computer screen upside down. They’ll be puzzled when they return, and it’s an easy fix by pressing “Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow.”

Bottom Line

April Fools Day should be a day filled with joy and laughter where we can all have fun without causing any harm or hurt feelings. Of resorting to pranks lets focus on lighthearted and friendly pranks that will bring smiles to everyone’s faces and create unforgettable memories. Remember, the true essence of April Fools Day lies in the ability to make everyone involved chuckle so feel free to use these ideas as inspiration and let your creativity run wild in spreading happiness on this occasion.

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