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Top Cheap And Friendly April Fool Day Pranks

28 March 2019
Bobby Wise

The April Fool’s day comes only once in your year. The day gives jokes lovers a rare opportunity to prank their friends and dear ones. If you among those people, don’t miss the chance this year. Here are some of the best, classic and easy pranks that will barely cost you any dime.

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Top 5 Tips on How to Live on One Income

18 March 2019
Kenneth Bennett

Depending on a single income can sometimes be hard, especially when you try to live beyond your means. It’s, however, possible to comfortably survive if you stay mindful on your money management method. If you are currently in that situation, don’t lose hope. Try these tips and enjoy a good life.

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Easy Steps to Living Debt-Free

10 December 2018
Angie Watson

The Pipe Dream You wouldn’t want to guess just what percentage of the population lives in debt. It’s probably 90%. Everybody’s dream is to live without any debt hanging over their heads. Is this a pipe dream, or is it possible? The fact of the matter is that to live debt free,and you need to practice financial discipline… every day. There are three main steps you can take to become debt free.

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