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55 Healthy and Cheap Foods to Buy When Broke

If you are not yet financially free nor careful with money, then you will have some hard days where food will be short. Maybe you have just been fired or are going through hard times with money, but whatever is the case, you are shortening your expenses on everything to make a living. And you are even cutting back on food to save money.

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Best Ways to Save Money by Going Green

2 January 2020
Kenneth Bennett

Sustainability, carbon footprint, going green, and caring for the environment are the rage in ‘catchwords’ these days. A few years ago, not a lot of people were really into reducing waste and save money.

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7 Useless Things In A Household

20 April 2018
Dineh Vidal

Comfortably living can easily be one of the most relaxing things in a person’s life, being able to go home and enjoy the space that you are in, enjoy the vibe, and the peaceful feeling of actually being at home is like no other. Although your home is your personal space that describes who you are as a person, it is quite easy to go overboard on buying useless things for your place. Living comfortable goes hand-in-hand with living on a good budget. In this blog entry, I would like to focus on the things one should not buy in […]

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