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Pete’s and Janie’s Personal Loan for the Last-Minute Vacation

15 February 2019
Bobby Wise
Peter had booked a vacation for him and Janie, a Caribbean cruise, 7 days and 6 nights. They were due to leave in 5 days.


Peter and Janet were watching TV, another episode of Designated Survivor. Janet was looking through the travelogues that Peter had brought back from the travel agent.

“Peter? When do you have to pay the full amount for this fabulous holiday? I am so excited. I’ve never been on a cruise ship.”

“The full payment is due on Friday, honey. My boss said he would give me a loan tomorrow and I can pay it back over a few months with pay deductions.”

“Oh, isn’t he a good boss. Wow, a week off on a cruise ship. I can’t believe it. My workmates are soooo jealous. Nobody in the office has ever been on a cruise. You’re so sweet to think of something like this for our anniversary of 2 years together, Peter.”

“Nothing is too good for you, my love,” replied Peter.


“Hey, Peter! Can I see you a minute?” said Charlie, Pete’s boss, as they were looking over the details of a project currently underway.

“Sure, Charlie. What’s up?”

Pete and his boss

“Pete, some clients have delayed sending payment on their accounts. The money was due today, but when accounts payable rang them, they asked for an extra few days. That loan I was going to give you today will have to be postponed until next week. I hope it doesn’t cause too many problems.”

“Charlie, you know I took 10 days off from Friday to go on this cruise with Janet. I needed that loan to pay for the trip and to have some spending money on board. What the heck am I going to do?”

“Why not take out a personal loan. You can pay it back after you return and I will have the money for you.”

Peter’s face said it all. What a situation. A personal loan? How was he going to manage that? He pulled out his cell phone.

“Steve? It’s Peter.”

“Hey, captain Pete! (Steve knew about the cruise Peter was planning and was now calling him ‘captain.’) What’s happening?”

“Steve, I need to pay the rest of the money for the cruise by Friday. The boss said he would lend me the money as an advance on my salary, but something happened and he can’t do it now. I’m in a tight spot, Steve.”

“Well, how much do you need?”


“Whoa! You better get a loan, real quick. A personal loan.”

“Yeah, I didn’t think you could help, haha. It would only be for a couple of months anyway because the boss will give me the money I asked for later.”

“Well, that sounds great. So, remember, get a personal loan that does not penalize you for an early payout.

“Really? You can get stung for paying a loan back early?”

“Of course. Work it out, Pete. They set up a loan where the interest rate is where they make money. If you pay it back super quick, they have then given you a loan for next to nothing if they didn’t allow for an early payback fee.”

“Oh, yeah, makes sense. How long to get a personal loan, do you think? I need that money by Friday morning.”

“Remember that online payday loan you got a while back?”


Peter needs a personal loan quick

“That took less than a day, right? A personal loan through that same company will take the same amount of time.”

“Wow, that’s a relief. I better apply now.”

“Make the payments on time, pay a little extra, knock off the loan, and you then have no debts, a great credit score, and lovely memories of your time with Janet on the high seas. Like Pirates of the Caribbean!”

“I will be tempted to spend that money the boss gives me. Perhaps I better tell him to forget it, that I found a loan alternative.”

“Nah. Get that money from him and take me on holiday, or out to dinner and drinks.”

“Shut up, Steve.”

“See ya, Pete. Have a great cruise. Say hello to Janet.”

“Thanks, will do.”

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