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How to Save Money on Clothes: Clever Strategies

30 May 2019
Edna Hill
Image is important because first impressions remain. If you walk into a room, the clothes you are wearing will be the first thing people see. Some people tend to judge you based on what you are wearing and believe your style in clothes says a lot about the person you are.

These days, fashion can get you places if you have your style. But buying the clothes you desire is not always feasible as clothing can be expensive. Don’t worry because now you can look stylish and save money at the same time.

The Importance of Clothing

Of course, clothing is not only about fashion statements. You may need clothes for other, practical reasons. Let’s look at a few scenarios that may motivate your next clothing shopping spree.

Corporate Attire

Pete and his boss

As much as you may want to walk into work with loose-fitting jeans and a ripped T-shirt because it’s comfortable, it’s not a professional look. Depending on the industry you are working in, you’re usually required to look professional. Employees represent the face of the company. If you look shabby people might assume the company is not professional enough to work with.

Professional attire also applies when you’re going for an interview. You’re more likely to get employed when you’re wearing a smart jacket. But again this all depends on the industry you are in.

How Much do People Spend on Clothing?

The average person spends at least $162 a month on clothing. This could be for ourselves or for children. In many cases money spent on clothing isn’t simply for fashion, it’s a need since adults need clothes to look professional at work every day.

Are there ways to save money on clothes and how to avoid spending too much on clothes? Let’s find out.

Look for a Sale

You don’t need name branded clothing to look good; you simply need to know where & when to shop. Keep your eyes open for clearance sales at your favorite stores. Clearance sales usually occur at the end of a season like a summer or a winter. Shops want to get rid of old stock quickly so the shelves can be filled with new clothes. Old stock can be marked down by as much as 50%.

Try a Thrift Store

You can find some amazing hidden gems in thrift stores. Perhaps you’ll even see original, name brand clothing from famous designers for a fraction of the price. Clothes from thrift stores are usually in excellent condition. You can find an entire fashionable outfit for less than $18.

Recycle Old Clothes

If you’re creative, you can recycle your old clothes. Recycling means turning your old clothes into brand new ones by doing the following:

  • Re-dye faded material.
  • Use old clothing items to make new patterns.
  • Sew & fix tears and holes in damaged items.
  • Fix buttons, zippers, and clips on your damaged items.
  • Re-print graphics on faded T-shirts.
  • Watch YouTube tutorials on how to easily change items into accessories.
  • Use fabric paint to create new designs on tops and shoes.

What You Should Know Before Purchasing Clothes

If you understand the textile industry, then you should know that manufactured clothes all come from the same factories. There have been some instances where people have found the same items sold at both expensive and inexpensive retailers. The difference is simply the name brand label. So, why always purchase the costly items?

If you know when to shop & where to buy, you’ll save hundreds of dollars. Pick the best times, and you’ll get amazing deals. It’s possible to look stylish and professional all the time at a fraction of the cost. All you need is a plan.

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