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The Crazy Cat Loan

27 November 2018
Bobby Wise

“Hey, Peter.”

“Hi, Steve. How are you?”

Steve is one of my best friends. It was a Saturday morning, early, not even 7 am. He was lucky to get me, but instead of going to the local bar with a few other friends, including Steve, I had worked late to finish a rush job for my boss.

Crazy Cat Loan.

“I’m okay, Peter. Sorry to bother you so early in the morning, but I have a bit of a problem.”

Steve always seemed to have a problem, and most of the time it had to do with money or lack of it.

“I need five hundred bucks, kind of quickly. Like today. Any chance you can lend me?”

There it was. Money again. Steve really had some money problems almost every month.

“Steve, you’ll get paid at the end of the month. That’s only a couple of weeks away. Can’t it wait until then?”

“I need to buy a cat.”

“Five hundred bucks for a cat! Is that complete with a gold collar?”

“Yeah, I know. Expensive, right? It’s for Mrs.Triblett, my landlady. I ran over her cat last night when I came home. A stupid cat didn’t even move, and I didn’t see it. It’s a Ker..umm..Krerb… I can’t even pronounce it, Steve. It’s spelled K-R-B-L-O-K-H-I-N. A very expensive breed. She thinks it’s lost and is going crazy.”

“How can you replace a pet and have the owner realize it’s not the same animal?”

“Well, I was thinking that once I told her the cat was not lost, but I ran over it, she’s going to freak out less if I hand over an identical breed, right?”

“Not sure, Steve, but at the moment I don’t have a spare five hundred bucks. Why don’t you apply for one of those payday loans?”

“A what?”

“A Payday loan or cash advance. You borrow some or all of your next pay amount, as an emergency loan, then pay it back when you get paid or over a short period of time.”

“Hmm, sounds interesting. Have you ever had one?”

“No, but you know Jerry, he got one a few months back, and said it was the best thing he did.”

“Oh, yeah, Jerry from the hardware shop?”

“Yes, him. His car blew the starter motor, and he needed it fixed straight away. He said the application process was all done online, and he had the money the next day.”

“It’s Saturday, Steve. So, that means waiting for the weekend and then getting the money by Tuesday. Old girl Triblett will have gone crazy by then.”

“No, they are online every day, even weekends and holidays. So, no problem doing the application.”

“I can’t pay back five hundred in one pay because that will leave me with nothing for a couple of weeks.”

“I’m sure you can stretch it out over a few weeks. Just watch out for the interest rate, add some loan costs, and you’ll be fine.”

“This sounds great. So, I can apply for a payday loan online today, get the money in my bank next day, go out and buy that cat, then pay it all back over a few weeks? That can be called a instant loan.”

“Sounds like you got it right. Yes.”

“Thanks, Steve. Ummm… one more favor, please.”

“What now?” I laughed.

“Can I come over to your place and use your computer?”

“Haha. Sure. Come on over. How do you like your coffee?”

“White and two. Thanks, heaps!”

“No probs. See you in ten. Bye Steve.”

“Yeah, ciao. See you in ten. Bye Pete.”

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