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7-Days-Challenge of Spending Wisely

22 February 2018
Dineh Vidal
If you get paid bi-weekly, you have more than likely gone through the 7-Day-Saving-Money-Challenge, maybe not by choice but it was in best interest for your checking account that was in the double digits. You know what I mean, you get your check, pay your bills then “spoil yourself.” Now you have to suffer for the next week, living off of instant soups because you forgot to go grocery shopping before you went clothes shopping. We’ve all been there. There is no problem with spoiling yourself, but everything should be done in moderation.


I am going to open up a week in my financial life and record all I spend on a day to day basis, not including bills such as gas, grocery shopping, things for school. I would also like to highlight some issues that I have overcome and ended up helping me save money.

But first, this is what I spent this last week:

Man analyzing weekly spending
Friday: Work $0 Saturday: around $8 at Starbucks and $3 on snacks and drinks from a shop earlier that day. Sunday: spent $12 on Lyft Monday: work $0 Tuesday: School, bought a coffee and cookies from the student center, about $3 Wednesday: work $0 Thursday: School, spent $20, online shopping. Oops!

As we can all see, I do not spend too much money throughout the week. To be completely honest I am too busy to spend money on things I don’t need, except when I’m waiting for class, and I twiddle my fingers and buy some stuff online. But you know you have to be a LITTLE wild sometimes. Although this is my experience, this is not the same for everybody.

Working at a coffee shop, I can honestly say some people spend hundreds of dollars on fast food, coffee, snacks and more and it really is a problem that should be confronted and needs some fixing.

Readons For Spending

America is an epidemic, where everyone is so busy nowadays, everyone is trying to meet a deadline, they have no time for themselves and believe it or not, it can end up causing you to spend much more money on random things you don’t need.

Self-care and self-preparation can end up causing you to waste more than you earn. For example, if I didn’t make my lunch and dinner I would probably spend $14 a day on myself for food, 14 * 7 = $98. Whenever you are just spending continuously, you don’t realize how much you’ve wasted.

Another example is that I see many people, including myself, that may have a small obsession with Amazon. Why are there so many interesting, useless things that I don’t need, but really want?! I feel like a lot of people go through this struggle, the age that we live in spending money is so easy, its literally at the click of a button.

Self-preparation is very important because setting up your meals for the week can save you a lot, I mean we already did the math, right? But honestly, preparation is everything. Not only when it just comes to food but for everything. For example, I slipped up and waited for the last minute to buy everything for school, and then I was stressing myself out because my bank account was in the double digits which is a sad feeling.

Self-care. Caring for yourself is very important and may lead to you spending more money than you know. When people become too overwhelmed, they may tend to go out and forget about their troubles, and end up spending too much. This also falls under the category of “shopping therapy”. I can see where shopping can fill a void of sadness, or out of boredom but it is causing many people to have credit card bills that they can’t even maintain, which causes more problems.

All of these things are obsessions or hobbies that are so easy to fall in. It all just honestly takes realizing that there is more to life than just nick-knacks, that at the end of the day we need to find time for ourselves and find healthy coping mechanisms.

Never Stop Working

No matter how much work you have, we all have to remember we can’t stop working on ourselves because at the end of the day your well-being is the most important!

Although this post was in a way off topic, I was really trying to shine light on how our obsessions and busy lives can affect our bank accounts and we don’t even notice it. If you are having this problem of shopping too much, buying too much food out, just try to recognize the problem and try to fix it.

No one is perfect, but I do believe everyone can someday resolve personal, internal issues and that will reflect on how you manage your money. Although you may not realize it, at the end of the day, they do correlate.

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