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55 Healthy and Cheap Foods to Buy When Broke

If you are not yet financially free nor careful with money, then you will have some hard days where food will be short. Maybe you have just been fired or are going through hard times with money, but whatever is the case, you are shortening your expenses on everything to make a living. And you are even cutting back on food to save money.

It can be very hard to eat healthy, full meals when you have to worry about whether there will be food on your table tomorrow or not.

Check from grocery shop in front of frugal food
What is even harder is to avoid processed, fabricated food, which might look cheap, but in fact, it consumes more of both your health and your pockets.

The situation gets even worse when it comes to having a family to feed. And you cannot feed them with food that looks like meat, but in fact, it’s full of artificial chemicals. That kind of food can be really unhealthy.

But is there a way to eat healthy when you are out of money? Well, the answer is yes. You probably are wondering what to eat when you’re broke. And we have prepared a list of cheap food to buy when broke and to not resort to a quick cash loan.

Fruits & Vegetables

According to specialists, veggies are 50 percent of your diet, which is why these must be the first on your list. People might not know this, but it is really cheap to get healthy and organic fruits and vegetables on your table. And what is best about them, you can prepare delicious meals with them, even when you are super broke. Fruits and vegetables can fill your three daily meals, and you don’t have to spend a crazy amount of money on them.

A simple salad can be more than satisfying, and if you are planning on cooking, vegetables will help you prepare dishes that will simply make you and your family eat to the last drop. Here is a list of fruits and vegetables that you need to have in your broke grocery list.

  1. tomatoes
  2. apples
  3. pears
  4. onions
  5. Vegetables can be your food on a budget
  6. bananas
  7. oranges
  8. beans
  9. cabbage
  10. potatoes
  11. lemon
  12. carrots
  13. garlic
  14. lettuce
  15. spinach
  16. broccoli
    1. Carbs

      According to nutritionists, carbs are a quarter of your meal. If you take a plate and separate it in four, one part must be carbs. And the beauty of carbs is that they come in the list of cheapest foods. You can eat a delicious lunch if you include your rice or pasta and mix that with some veggies, and what you got is amazing.

      The cost of it is ridiculous, and you don’t even need to have ten bucks to eat for two or even three days if you cook at home.

      Rice and pasta are good food on a budget
      Here is a list of carbs that we think are absolutely a must and can be found very cheap.

      1. rice
      2. brown rice
      3. whole wheat pasta
      4. rolled oats
      5. wholemeal bread
      6. wholewheat bisks

      Protein Foods

      Let’s not forget the proteins for those of you who just cannot become vegetarians when you’re broke. You must eat include proteins at a quarter of your plate, the same as carbs. And don’t think that protein foods are expensive unless you don’t know what to get. Here is a list of cheap protein foods that we think you must include if you are looking to buy food on a budget.

      1. eggs
      2. chicken thighs
      3. Cheap meat can be included in your broke grocery list
      4. chicken legs
      5. pork (under $3)
      6. beef (under $3)
      7. lamb (under $3)
      8. tinned tuna
      9. sardines
      10. chicken breast
      11. sausages

      Dairy & Miscellaneous

      Let’s not forget this other frugal food for a second. You might be broke, and you might be thinking that you don’t know how you’re going to live on one income, but by being smart and knowing what to take and what to leave, you can make it pass even through the hardest times. And when it gets really bad, apply for a fast cash loan to obtain some money just to survive.

      We propose you a list of cheap milk products that should be contained in your broke grocery list.

      1. milk
      2. Dairy products are important point of a broke grocery list
      3. butter (use it for cooking also)
      4. dried herbs
      5. salt
      6. sugar
      7. flour (use it for pancakes)
      8. yogurt
      9. cheese
      10. nuts

      Canned Food

      Canned food gives you an elegant solution when you are food broke. And a lot of people prefer canned food. Just make sure that you get the good and quality one. It is seldom expensive, and it can be delicious. One meal of canned food and you will be full.

      1. canned beans
      2. Canned food is a great idea to buy when broke
      3. soup
      4. peas
      5. sauce
      6. vegetables
      7. broth
      8. corn
      9. tuna
      10. spaghetti

      Package Food

      While we don’t encourage packaged food, this list is the kind of food that can be cheap but also necessary.

      Peanut butter is tasty and cheap food
      We have tried to include that kind of food that helps you prepare meals.

      1. Peanut butter
      2. Baking mix
      3. Frozen vegetables
      4. Nut butter
      5. Prepared pesto
      6. Frozen fruits

      Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Tight Budget

      Now here are some tips for grocery shopping on a tight budget just to help you a little bit during the winter days.

      Aim for Sales

      Always try to shop for groceries during a big sale. That is when you will find the best prices you can get for yourself.

      Buy Generic Brands

      Well, known brands tend to have more expensive food. You can get the same kind of food for a lower price if you get a generic brand.

      Respect Your List

      You make a list for one reason, to stick to it. You would be surprised how much you are overspending by just not respecting what’s on the list.

      Plan Your Meals

      If your budget is tight, then calculate your meals ahead of time and then do a precise plan for your grocery shopping.

      Meal Ideas for When You’re Broke

      You might be stressed out right now and probably are not thinking clearly. But there is one thing you should be conscious of – for any stalemate exists a suitable solution, for example, an unexpected and urgent need can be covered by an easy-to-apply emergency loan. And hey, maybe the situation is not as bad as you might think it is, and you just need to believe.

      Spaghetti as a great idea of cheap meal when broke
      That is why we have prepared these meal ideas to help you even a little bit with maybe a solution.

      • Boiled Beans
      • Pasta with tuna
      • Rice soup with lemon
      • Boiled potatoes with chicken breast
      • Scrambled eggs with garlic and sauce

      Bottom Line

      Here you have it: a list of foods that you can buy when you are broke together with some cheap and healthy meal ideas. Remember, that no matter the economy, you can always afford to eat healthy if you only plan a little bit and think ahead.

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