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5 Cheap and Romantic Date Ideas To Try This Spring

As Spring season is here with us, it is the time to explore the outdoors, bask in the sunshine, and go out on romantic dates.
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As it always happens, many will shy away from dates thinking a full wallet is a recipe for a romantic date. Well, this is not the case. There are lots of incredible ideas and places you can visit within your budget. For a budget as low as 20$ you can have loads of fun with a loved one. Here are some ideas for a frugal date:

Karaoke Night

A karaoke bar date sounds challenging, but if you can sing in front of strangers, then this will be interesting to explore. One way of expressing what you feel is through words, and singing makes them more resonant. Oppositely, some people can’t sing in front of strangers. Rent a private karaoke room with friends and sing the night away for fun, without having to worry if you are making a fool of yourself.

Go to the Movies

Though old school, the idea of watching a movie away from home is always a great idea. You only need entry fees and probably some popcorns. It will be so much fun sitting intimately with your partner watching a newly released movie on a big screen. You can also try watching a play at a local community theater. Can’t afford a movie ticket, or there isn’t a theater near you? Spread your blankets in the backyard, load a movie on your laptop, and there you have it – a movie theater in your yard!

Lastly, it will be fun to attend any outdoor concerts in your city. Spring festivals and other community events will not only allow you to have fun with your lover but will also connect you with your community.

Take a Ride

A daytime ride in your convertible when the weather is warm, and the sun shining, is pure fun. Nonetheless, not everyone has, or can afford to rent one. Bike rides are in this case is the perfect option to spend time as a couple outdoors without having to pay too much. You can check out for cheap bike rentals online. You can either decide to ride in a park or make it more adventurous by riding further into the mountains. Pack some food from home to cut on food expenses on your way to the greens.

Also, if you intend to stay out late, then stargazing will spice up your evening. Enjoy nostalgic moments with your loved one as you watch the beautiful constellations above you. Once again, a free of charge way to enjoy a Spring date!

Stroll to a Yard Sale

Spring is a season for yard sales, and everyone is looking for a treasure from another person’s ‘junk’. Strolling through the yard is a great way to spend your Spring night date sentimentally. It might not be your goal, but walking and looking at some items on sale might land you on something you will love. You will also get to connect with the community near you. Grab a coffee and take in the aromas while leisurely strolling past the yard sale stands.

Explore Nature

Hikes are classic and intimate date ideas. Hiking also costs nothing. The adventurous nature of the activity makes it more ideal for a couple looking to discover things together. Find your therapy in the woods and conquer the mountains trails! To complete your hiking adventure, find a place where you can watch your local wildlife if there are any. Another great idea to wind up your hike will be to stop somewhere, and romantically watch the sun go down.

Be Creative and Have Fun

It is evident that work schedules and fear of spending too much can hinder someone from going out on a date. Luckily, there are lots of cheap date ideas for you to explore with your loved one. Do not let a low budget limit your chances to have a fun date this Spring. Be creative and go for activities that fit your budget, no matter how small.

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