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20 Tips For Throwing An Affordable Chic Party

20 March 2018
Dineh Vidal

Twenty-one, twenty-fun, dirty-thirty, over-the-hill, all ages deserve a brilliant party! However, all potential party hosts understand that every party organization relates to the budget.

Two persons dancing during a party on a budget

So, what to do if you want to throw a great party but you have a small budget? Here are some tips on how to throw the best, cutest, and most affordable chic party you could’ve hosted remaining within the limits of your budget and without getting any fast cash loans or borrowing money from family members.

1. Know Your Budget

First of all, you need to create a special party budget in order to understand how much you’ll spend. Add up the costs of drinks, decorations, and food. In case if the final cost is over the budget, shorten your guest list or ask your friend to co-host with you. It’s not the case to take out a guaranteed approval loan, but it can be an option to consider when you need money to cover more important expenses.

2. Choose a Splurge

When planning a budget party, you’re welcome to treat yourself with a $10-15 splurge. But choose the purchase wisely. It can be an evergreen supply that is able to be reused for other forthcoming parties or something beautiful that will make you and your guests happy.

3. Make Simple Invitations

Create your own invitations and print them at a store. It is much cheaper than getting someone to make and print your letters. Or even make a creative invitation online, and email to all your friends instead.

4. Use Your Home Resources

Before buying appropriate decoration items, explore your home looking for needed supplies. Try to replace high-cost decorations with the existing ones. Don’t demonstrate signs of irresponsible financial behavior as every penny counts when you are doing your best to remain within a tight budget.

5. Hold the Party Outside

Throwing a party outside could help you save a lot of money on party decorations. So, if the weather allows, consider holding your party in your backyard.

Multicolored baloons are a perfect decoration for a party on a budget

6. Look for Budget Decoration

In case if you’re planning to hold the party inside the house, remember that you should avoid fancy stuff. It’s not necessary for your party as it could be perfect without expensive decorations as well. Pick some cute bowls and plates, put light strings and balloons, and place colorful flowers inside the house.

7. Cook on Your Own

Homemade food may take a little more effort and time, but let’s be honest, it tastes better, is fresher, and you can save a few dollars. No worries. Nobody expects to see real Kobe beef or huge plateaus with seafood. Prepare some hot dogs or small sandwiches and serve it along with a bottle of ketchup or mustard.

8. Buy Cheap Snacks

In case if you don’t consider yourself a master-chef, stock up on such cheap food supplies as potato chips, kettle popcorn, cotton candy, crackers, gummies, or even nachos.

9. DIY the Desserts

It’s a common fact that buying a cake or cupcakes from a store just can’t be cheaper than $20. Look for the friendliest recipes and try to make the desserts from scratch. This way, you’ll slash the store cost even below $5. And it’s great, as the absence of desserts at your party can’t be argued as an urgent need that requires an emergency loan to pay for it.

10. Offer Your Guests to Bring Their Food

You know that not everybody prefers fast-food. That’s why it’s better to suggest these guests bring the food they want to eat at this party. Or maybe you have friends who adore cooking. Let them show their skills and share the author’s meals with all your guests!

Lemonade can be signature drink of your party on a tight budget

11. Pick a Signature Drink

Instead of buying a lot of different kinds of alcohol, opt for one or two types. It’s possible to make various beverages based on wine and champagne only (for example, sangria or punch). Be sure that you’ve provided non-alcohol drinks, such as sparkling water or juices, for your guests who drive or don’t drink alcohol at all.

12. Ask Your Friends to Bring Alcohol

Perhaps, somebody prefers such hard liquors as whiskey or vodka. If they are outnumbered, ask them to bring up their favorite alcohol. So, nobody will be left unsatisfied.

13. Play the Role of DJ

Download some free music apps and create the party playlist on your own. Choose the most appropriate soundtracks that will definitely fit the mood of your party. Let it be Pussycat Dolls and Britney Spears for girls’ night or Frank Sinatra and other similar artists for Christmas party. There’s no limit to DJ’s fantasy!

14. Create Self-Made Dancefloor

Put away the carpet in order to free up some space for dancing. You could even arrange a small dance battle or contest to encourage other shy guests to try themselves on the improvised dancefloor.

15. Place a Backdrop

Consider that most people adore taking selfies, especially during parties. Take care of placing a fantastic backdrop, so your friends will be able to take photos or videos in front of the exclusive photo booth. Just get some lovely affordable fabric from the store and receive the best backdrop for your party!

16. Come Up with a Special Party Tag

In order to make your party more extraordinary, create a unique tag, and point it out on your invitations and backdrop. Let your guests know that they are welcome to use it when posting photos on Instagram and Facebook.

17. Prepare Games and Activities

Depending on your party theme, choose the most appropriate games and activities. Let the fun begin with games, such as UNO, charades, poker, and drinking games for your adult friends. Just for the record, most of the people who like beer will not be mind to play a classic drinking game Beer Pong.

18. Have a Movie Night

Before inviting your friend to the party, ask them to share movies that they would like to watch and choose the most desired film for an after-party movie night. Download it at HD resolution and play it on your TV Screen.

A person holding baloons and having a good mood

19. Leave Souvenirs

Let everyone leave with some things to remember you and your party. Provide a few simple, low-cost snacks or small postcards. It will definitely make people smile and will produce unforgettable impressions on them for a long time.

20. Keep an Excellent Mood

It’s the key to throwing the best party ever. Be hospitable, active, fun, and responsive throughout the party. Don’t forget to thank your guests for their coming and let them know that the party wouldn’t be so great without their presence.

Final Word

Parties should always be those moments you reminisce on and love forever. But a good party doesn’t require thousands of dollars – it can definitely be thrown on a small budget and have the same effect as a high-cost event. Remember that neither exquisite food nor costly features will not replace a cozy atmosphere and spending time with your dear friends.

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